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Welcome to Nexus Labs & Offices – where innovation meets functionality. Experience a Paris Proof, healthy, and inspiring environment that's more than just a workspace; it's a hub of discovery and pioneering growth.

‘Where the future of work comes to life’

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Nexus at a glance

Nexus Outline

Spanning over 9,100 m²

Across four large floors, an efficient car park at ground level, with three private outdoor terraces and a central atrium that houses lounge areas, meeting spaces, and an outdoor terrace.

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An optimal office/lab ratio of 40% to 60%

Catering to the diverse needs of Life Science and Health companies.

Nexus Parking

Features 127 parking spaces

With adjacent showers

Nexus Tube

State-of-the-art laboratories

Are designed with MLI and MLII classifications and equipped with 6-fold ventilation, ensuring a climate that meets climate class B standards and divisibility per 3.6 m for unparalleled flexibility.

High quality workspace at all levels


At Nexus, we're redefining the concept of workspace by engineering state-of-the-art laboratories and offices that blend cutting-edge technology with sustainable design. Our spaces are crafted to support dynamic work modes and foster seamless collaboration, ensuring they meet today's needs and tomorrow's ambitions. With flexible floor plans and advanced facilities, Nexus empowers you to tailor your environment to your evolving requirements, whether for basic research or advanced development projects.

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