Leiden is known for its rich history, lively cultural scene, and academic excellence. Hosting one of Europe's leading Science Parks further enhances its reputation, attracting professionals and businesses seeking an ideal environment for research, development, and collaboration.

Nexus strategic location near major cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague adds to its allure, making it an even more desirable destination whilst its housing market provides an attractive alternative to these surrounding cities. In the coming years, approximately 800 new homes will be added to the Leiden Bio Science Park West zone of which around 500 will be developed by the University of Leiden and the municipality.  

Nestled in the Leiden Bio Science Park West, Nexus Labs & Offices will become part of the heart of Leiden Bio Science Park, a magnet for talent and businesses, following the park’s planned expansions in the coming years to become the Netherlands’ largest Life Science Campus and live up to its ambitions to become the innovation district of choice.



Located conveniently between the A44 and A4 motorways, Nexus offers effortless access to Amsterdam (40 min), The Hague (30 min), Rotterdam (45 min). The addition of the Rijnlandroute further enhances connectivity, streamlining travel between major motorways and ensuring seamless access to and from the park by car, public transport and bike.

Nexus Exit

Dedicated exit from the A44      

Nexus Train

Proximity to Leiden train station: 12 min.

Nexus Bus

Frequent bus services to central station: 8 min. 

Nexus Plane

Direct train connections to Schiphol: 16 min. 

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