Part of Leiden Bio Science Park

ranked 5th in Europe 

The Leiden Bio Science Park, renowned as the largest, fastest growing, and yet most mature life sciences cluster in the Netherlands, stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration, ranked 5th in Europe and  8th worldwide. Its dynamic growth is driven by the Netherlands' strategic emphasis on biosciences as a key sector, further accelerated by the presence of the European Medicines Agency (EMA)* in Amsterdam.

With its vibrant community of over 150 biomedical life science companies, the park converges with world-renowned research institutes, Leiden University, and the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). Together they spearhead the development of innovative drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, and platform technologies.

The collaborative community not only accelerates the growth of the life sciences and health sector in the Netherlands but also cements the park's status as a cornerstone of global scientific advancements. Remarkably, Leiden Bio Science Park boasts the highest employment rate of all Science Parks in the Netherlands, showcasing its pivotal role in the economy and its contribution to the sector's development. Employment rates at the park are expected to grow to 30,000 by 2027, solidifying its position as a key driver of job creation and economic growth.

* EMA is a project of Dura Vermeer (design & build).

Kaart Leiden Bio Science Park

1.  BioPartner 5
2. Future premisses Eurofins
3. Bristol Myers Squibb
4. IFF Health & Biosciences
5. Corpus museum
6. Hilton Garden Inn
7. Avery Denisson Europe
8. The Finch (Galapagos)
9. Janssen Biologics
10. Future premisses Batavia
11.  SRON
12. Leiden University, Faculty of Sience

13. Janssen
14. Plus Ultra
15. Astellas
16. Hal Allergy
17. BioPartner 2
18. BioPartner 1
19. BioPartner 3
20. BaseClear
21. Halix 
22. Batavia Biosciences
23. Janssen Vaccines

24. Eurofins Proxy Laboratories
25. Airbus Defence and Space
26. Janssen Biologics
27. CHDR
28. TNO
29. Mentor Medical Systems
30. Pharming Group
31.  Naturalis Biodiversity Center
32. Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)
33. LUMC Research building
34. LUMC Education building



Nexus is located on Leiden Bio Science Park West, which is the newest part of the Leiden Bio Science Park. This part is changing swift from young and new to mature with many new state-of-the-art biotechnology facilities being built, such as Galapagos and Bristol Myers Squibb. Major companies like IFF (former known as Dupont IB*) as well as BioPartner 5 and Avery Dennison are already established. The Hilton Hotel, CORPUS museum, a central car park and the planned residential area at the waterfront with their facilities such as restaurants and sport completes this part of the Science Park.

* IFF is a project of Dura Vermeer
(developed, build, leased to IFF and sold to an investor).

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