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Ready to lead in sustainable housing?

As a Paris Proof and BREEAM-NL Excellent certified development, Nexus embodies the top of energy efficiency, boasting features designed to minimise environmental impact while maximising occupant well-being. The Labs & Offices development embraces the principles of being a Green Labs & Office building providing Green Leases, ensuring that its operations and tenancy agreements prioritise eco-friendly practices.

From its advanced energy-saving technologies to the use of sustainable materials in construction, Nexus is aligned with the goal of reducing carbon footprint and supporting the health of the planet. The building’s green initiatives extend beyond its walls, with landscaped terraces that provide natural spaces for relaxation and biodiversity, and state-of-the-art facilities that ensure clean air and optimal indoor climate control.

Nexus is not just a workspace; it’s a demonstration to the future of sustainable development in the life sciences sector, inviting companies to join in a collective effort towards a greener, more responsible future.